Key Laboratory

Key Laboratory of Parasite and Vector Biology, MOH

The Laboratory has been affiliated in NIPD since 1990. This laboratory has conducted important research projects on basic and operational research, which had contributed to science and new technology, as well as national diseases control programmes. The aim of the Laboratory is to research on the variation and evolution of the parasites, the relationships between the parasites and hosts, the functions and resistance mechanisms of drugs by applying the methods of cell biology, molecular biology and immunology.

Research Infrastructure1) The Key Laboratory of Parasites and Vector Biology with more than 100 sets of equipment over value of 100, 000 USD, such as gene sequence machine, confocal microscope, Real Time PCR cycler, HPLC system, Electrophysiology equipment, 2-GelElectrophoresis system, Spectrophotometer, DNA Chip spotter and reader. 2) There are special laboratories to be used for experiments to ensure bio-safety issues and quality of experiments, such as SPF animal laboratory, PII biosafety laboratory.

Research Teams: The Laboratory has established 7 advanced research groups led by 7 Principal Investigators (PI), who are the experts on immunology, pathogen biology, vector biology, vaccine development, drug screen and development, diagnostics development. The Laboratory accepted 64 training personnel and holding the training for helminth diagnosis for 7 national reference laboratories from 5 Asian countries, under the support from WHO WPRO Office.

In 2007, 16 young researchers from NIPD were granted talent training project. Three talent teams were listed as cultivation team, including pathogen identification team, vector identification team, and monitoring and early warning team, which provide good platform for the carrier development of the young scientists in NIPD.