The symposium will mainly include 6 meetings, and you may find the Tentative Agenda and the Poster attached.  Transmission and control of NTD in Asia amid COVID-19 pandemic at 08:00-16:30, 21st Oct.  IDEA Forum: Lessons from authors_ Infectious Diseases of Poverty at 19:30-20:30, 21st Oct.;  The 20th Regional Network for Asian Schistosomiasis and Other Helminth Zoonoses (RNAS+) Annual Meeting at 14:30-18:00, 22nd Oct.;  The Institutional-Based Network of China-Africa Cooperation on Schistosomiasis Elimination (INCAS) Workshop at 19:00-21:00, 22nd Oct.;  The Academic Meeting of Malaria Elimination in Greater Mekong Region at 15:00-18:00, 23rd Oct.;  The Institutional-based Network of China-Africa Cooperation on Malaria Elimination (INCAM) Workshop at 19:00-21:00, 23rd Oct.
Three previous symposiums on surveillance-response systems (SRS) aimed at organizing the final approach to the elimination of tropical diseases have taken place in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. These symposia, held in 2012, 2014 and 2016, respectively, were co-sponsored by ......
On June 15th, 2016, the joint scientific writing workshop of PloS Neglected Tropical Diseases (PLoS NTD) and Infectious Diseases of Poverty (IDP) was open in Shanghai which attracted about 100 international and Chinese participants in the field of infectious diseases. After introduction, Prof. Xiao-Nong Zhou, Editor-in-Chief, awarded...
In the past 6 decades, NIPD has established extensive partnership with national and international research institutions, actively participated in global health in 3 aspects: such as being embodied in the education training activities, undertaking international cooperation projects, and establishing international partnerships with institutions from...