Annual review of GHSP-OP2 &GHSP-Op4 projects undertaken by NIPD

Appointed by UK Department for International Development (DFID), the evaluation expert, Dr Andrew Cassles, reviews the Global Health Support Project Output 2 (Output 2 “Centre of excellence in health development aid in China : Capacity building and information dissemination”) and Output 4 (Output 4 “China-Tanzania pilot project of malaria control: application of community-based and integrated strategy”) undertaken by NIPD. A total of twelve staffs, including the project leader, management officers, financial officer, as well as partners from Tanzania attend the interview.

Focused on Output 2, Director Zhou xiaonong, one of the PI of GHSP project, introduced the main activities in the last year, eg. assessment of international health aid project towards to China and south-south cooperation project, holding training courses on global health and tropical diseases, assignment younger study aboard, establishment Chinese society of Global Health, Chinese preventive medicine association (CSGH), and so on. Dr Andrew gives a high praise of CSGH, and asks more about the consulting services to other countries.

For Output 4, Director Zhou, deputy director Xiao Ning, and Dr Chaki Prosper introduce the main progress and activities, as well as the differences between China and Tanzania, and challenges in the field work. Dr Andrew also asks the government of Tanzania’s role on this project, and interview with some field staffs.

At the end of the review, Director Zhou summarized that, NIPD builds a team to work on Global Health through GHSP project, establishes a department of Global Health Center and a society related with Global Health. At the meantime, NIPD obtains more chance to work with Africa, which strengthens the friendship between China and Africa.