Delegates from Myanmar Ministry of Health visited the NIPD

  Dr. Ye Min Htwe, Director of International Cooperation Division of Myanmar Ministry of Health, and Dr. Nay Yi Yi Linn, Deputy Director of Public Health Division of Myanmar Ministry of Health and Manager of National Malaria Control Program, visited NIPD on March 31-April 1, 2023. Prof. Xiao-Nong Zhou, Global Health Center and Malaria Department participated in the reception.

  The aim of this visit was to facilitate the launching of the China-Myanmar border malaria elimination project. Prof. Xiao-Nong Zhou reviewed the malaria cooperation along the China-Myanmar border since 2014; Ding Wei of Global Health Center reviewed the main contents of the project, and then the participating experts discussed and confirmed the specific details of the collaborative project. Dr. Xia Zhigui, Chief of the Malaria Department, introduced the prevention and control of imported malaria in China; and Dr. Yin Jianhai Deputy Chief of the Malaria Department, introduced the development progress of China’s malaria elimination case studies for capacity building. Prof. Zhou Hongning, Director of Yunnan Institute of Parasitic Diseases Control and Prevention, Li Jiayin, Myanmar Program Coordinator, Dr. Yu Yu Lwin, Myanmar National Coordinator, Li Qingpu, Deputy Program Manager, and Zhang Shuhao, Program Officer Manager (GF Malaria) of Health Poverty Action (HPA) joined the discussion.

  After the meeting, the Myanmar experts visited the parasitology museum (led by Chief Lu Yan and Lin Lin of the Health Education Center) and the key laboratory (led by Director Chen Junhu) of NIPD.