On April 11, the UNICEF Chief of Health and Nutrition, Dr. Robert Sherpbier, and his two colleagues who work on nutrition and China-Africa collaboration, visited National Institute of Parasitic Diseases (NIPD). Director Zhou Xiaonong, Deputy Director Xiao Ning and...
On March 25, 2017, the Symposium on the Research and Exchange of Parasitology in the Yangtze River Delta was held by Shanghai Parasitology Committee in Hangzhou. More than 30 experts attended the symposium from Jiangsu Province , Zhejiang Province and Shanghai City.


Appointed by UK Department for International Development (DFID), the evaluation expert, Dr Andrew Cassles, reviews the Global Health Support Project Output 2 (Output 2 “Centre of excellence in health development aid in China : Capacity building and information dissemination”) and Output 4 (Output 4 “China-Tanzania pilot project of malaria control: application of community-based and integrated strategy”) undertaken by NIPD.
The Chinese team of China-UK-Tanzania Malaria Control Pilot Project, invited by Tanzania Overseas Chinese Association, to give the malaria control and prevention knowledge lectures in Zhonghua Yuan Restaurant, Dar es Salaam, on December 20th, 2015. The lectures aimed to strengthen the malaria control and prevention knowledge of overseas Chinese,...


NIPD was designated by Ministry of Science and Technology as the Joint International Collaborating Research Center on Tropical Diseases on 2nd November. The designation will further strengthen the international exchanges tropical diseases and related interdisciplinary, promote problem solving research activities. NIPD will follow the principle...
The book of《Malaria Control and Elimination Program in the People’s Republic of China》, edited by Xiaonong Zhou, was published in Advances in parasitology (2014, 86:1-347) on Feb 4th, 2015. The book contained 12 chapters, mainly reviews the malaria epidemiology trend and disease burden since 1949, using Yunnan and Hainan as case analysis....