Happy New Year

    With the new year of 2024 on the horizon, on behalf of the National Institute of Parasitic Diseases at Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Chinese Center for Tropical Diseases Research) , we would like to extend the best wishes to all colleagues, partners, and friends. Your support and cooperation made the successful and fruitful year of 2023.

    In 2023, we conducted large-scale investigations in disease control, scientific research and international cooperation across the country, and looked for the problems and difficulties in high-quality development. We reported the investigation results and addressed the problems found through drafting the planning and resource re- allocation.   


     In 2023, we promoted the control and elimination of key parasitic diseases. We achieved the interruption of schistosomiasis transmission in whole country. The malaria elimination was maintained. The integrated strategy for echinococcosis control was implemented continuously. The resurgence of leishmaniasis epidemic in the north was being curbed. We held a skill competition of diagnosis technology for parasitic diseases at national level. A new version of parasitic disease prevention and control information management system was launched. 

     In 2023, our institute successfully got the approval of the national key laboratory of intelligent tracking and forecasting for infectious diseases. The present platforms of scientific research were promoted, including the Chinese Center for Tropical Disease Research, the construction of the Key Laboratory of Parasitic Pathogens and Vector Biology of the National Health Commission, the Sub-center of the National Pathogenic Microorganism (Virus) Preservation Center, and the National Parasitic Resource Database. The popular science exhibition "A Bite of Parasites" held in Shanghai Natural Museum attracted 120,000 visitors. The project "Key Molecular Mechanism of Schistosomiasis Parasitism and Pathogenicity" won the second prize of Shanghai Natural Science Award.

    In 2023, our international networks and global health cooperation were promoted. We renewed a new round of WHO Cooperation Center for Tropical Diseases. A network of WHO Collaborating Centers for Neglected Tropical Diseases was set up. Zimbabwe National Institute of Health Research was listed as the sixth international joint research center for tropical diseases. China-Tanzania Cooperation Project on Malaria Control supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was completed. Our investigators went to Zimbabwe to carry out the baseline survey at the pilot areas of China-Africa Cooperation Project on Schistosomiasis Control.

     In 2023, we completed the mid-term evaluation of NIPD’s "14th Five-Year Plan" and launched a series of activities of "Healthy Campaign" to promote spiritual civilization and cultural construction.

   In 2024, we will closely focus on the objectives and tasks of “Healthy China 2030”, thoroughly implement the "14th Five-Year Plan" of our institute, and promote the process of national parasitic disease control and elimination in China. We will strengthen the international cooperation with our partners to contribute to global health development and share our experiences in disease control and elimination.

   We wish you all:

   A prosperous and enjoyable festive season and a very Happy New Year. We look forward to the fruitful cooperation in 2024!