《Malaria Control and Elimination Program in the People’s Republic of China》was published on Feb 4th, 2015

The book of《Malaria Control and Elimination Program in the People’s Republic of China》, edited by Xiaonong Zhou, was published in Advances in parasitology (2014, 86:1-347) on Feb 4th, 2015.

The book contained 12 chapters, mainly reviews the malaria epidemiology trend and disease burden since 1949, using Yunnan and Hainan as case analysis. Authors also characterized the impact factor for malaria resurgence in Huanghuai plain and summarized the feasibility and roadmap analysis for Malaria Elimination in China, epidemiology trend of imported cases in 2002-2012, approach in risk assessment and rapid response for imported cases, and surveillance and response to drive the National Malaria Elimination Programme. Based on these results, authors have provided the lesson learned and challenge during malaria elimination, and using Fujian province as an example to charity the surveillance and response strategy in the malaria post-elimination stage. The authors have reviewed the main activities and key indicators of Global Fund, and make an assessment on the general implementation. Ultimately, the necessity and importance of China–Africa cooperation initiatives were described, and authors hope to summarize the China experience in malaria control and elimination, which could be used for share and utilized for African countries.