The Founding and First Academic Conference of Chinese Society of Global Health(CSGH), Chinese Preventive Medicine Association(CPMA)Held in Beijing

On 3rd and 4th of 2016, Chinese Society of Global Health branch has been formally established in Beijing and held its first academic conference. Mr. Wang Longde, President of CPMA, Mr. Lei Zhenglong, Deputy Director of the Disease Prevention and Control Bureau of National Health and Family Planning Commission, Dr. Wang Yu, Director of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) and Ms. Qiao Jianong, senior health adviser of Department for International Development (DFID) attended this conference and gave their congratulatory address. Mr. Ren Minghui, the assistant director-general of WHO, sent a video message to extend his compliments to the successful founding of CSGH.

More than 150 representatives attended the conference, including the first session committee members of CSGH and also delegates from universities, research institutions, and international non-governmental organizations. Mr. Yang Weizhong, secretary-general of CPMA chaired the meeting.

During the founding assembly, Mr. Wang Longde firstly congratulated the establishment of the global health branch. He pointed out that in August this year, during the National Health Conference, president Xi Jinping prioritised peoples health in the development of strategic position, from the altitude of realization of national rejuvenation and enhance peoples well-being of the peoples health, which is the action guide of whole party in building a healthy China and also helped to define the direction for Chinas global health development. Wang Longde stressed that with the continuous development of the world economy, science and technology, health problems have become an international issue. Health problems cannot be solved by one country or a sector, we need to cross the traditional boundaries, through mutual cooperation, coordination and integration. Global health workers need to cooperate to fulfill the international obligations and participate in global health governance. Wang Longde put forward four requirements to the future development of global health branch. Firstly, we should recognize the importance of global health from a global perspective. The second requirement is to tell the story of China in a superb international language. The third is to make greater efforts to promote the successful experience of China on public health. The fourth requirement is to enhance multi-disciplinary, multi-departmental communication and cooperation.

Mr. Lei Zhenglong, said that he hopes CSGH can train more global health professionals for China to share precious experiences, products and technologies of Chinas disease prevention and control. Director of China CDC, Dr Wangyu said that China CDC is willing to provide as much support as possible to the development of CSGH. Ren Minghui, secretary of director-general of WHO mentioned that in the United Nations 2030 sustainable development agenda, 17 indicators are directly or indirectly related to health. He hopes that CSGH can further promote cooperation between China and WHO, and also propose China to play a more important role in the development of global health cooperation.

Han Tieru, the chairman of the CSGH said that in the future, CSGH will actively carry out activities in global health governance, global health diplomacy and other fields to promote cross-disciplinary multidisciplinary participation to develop a wide range of partnerships. CSGH will provide advisory services on Chinas global health cooperation, focus on discipline and professional team building, and promote the "China experience" promotion and transfer.

At the academic conference, Mr. Wang Longde, president of CPMA, professor Gao Fei from China Foreign Affairs University, Prof. Qin Jiuyi, director of China International Science and Technology Conference Center, Dr. Wang Chen, Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce and Prof. Liu PeiLong, Consultant of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, presented wonderful speeches based on the theme of strategy and challenges of global health. Participants shared their experiences and challenges they have met during their participating in global health, and offered suggestions to discuss the future development of CSGH.

The CSGH of CPMA is the first academic association in the field of global health. Its main responsibilities are to carry out the relevant regulations on foreign affairs, develop and expand communication and cooperation with international health institutions, strengthen bilateral cooperation, health promotion and promote research results and extensive exchange of experience of global health. The first session of the Committee of global health branch, CPMA includes 69 experts from universities, research institutes, related enterprises and non-governmental organizations. This event was supported by the UK Department for International Developments GHSP program.