The Forum on Development Prospects of China-Africa Cooperation on Tropical Disease Control with China’s Technical Assistance Held Successfully in Beijing

  In order to promote the implementation of the China-Africa health cooperation strategy and promote the “going out” of Chinese technology and products, the “Forum on Development Prospects of China-Africa Cooperation on Tropical Disease Control with China’s Technical Assistance” was successfully held in Beijing on March 1, 2019. The forum was hosted by the Professional Committee for the Promotion of Innovation of China-Africa Medical Enterprises of China-Africa Business Council, Chinese Society of Global Health of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, and Tropical Disease Branch of China Endemic Diseases Society, and co-organized by the National Institute of Parasitic Diseases (NIPD), Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Wang Xiaoyong, Vice President and Secretary General of the China-Africa Business Council, Yang Weizhong, Vice President and Secretary General of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association(CPMA), and Guo Jingping, President of China Endemic Diseases Society, attended the forum and delivered an opening speech. The meeting was chaired by Zhou Xiaonong, the director of the NIPD and the vice chairman of the Global Health Branch of the CPMA.

  He Qinghua, deputy director of the Bureau of Disease Prevention and Control of National Health Committee, Gu Zhiqiang, deputy director of the Africa Division of the Department of International Cooperation of National Health Committee, He Yuan, director of the Division of the Department of District 2 of China International Development Cooperation Agency and deputy director of the NIPD, Dr. Xiao Ning, respectively introduced "the Advantages and Experience in the Prevention and Control of Tropical Diseases”, the "China-Africa Health Cooperation Strategy", "Chinas policies and ideas for aid to Africa", and "the Demand for Prevention and Treatment of Tropical Diseases such as Malaria and Schistosomiasis in Africa" were introduced. Yan Ruoxi, the State Food and Drug Administration, and Tang Hao, from the World Health Organizations China Office, introduced the status of Chinas drug pre-certification and the World Health Organizations pre-certification policy and specific requirements. Yu Jun from Guilin Pharma shared the experience and lessons of pre-certification. Wu Wenda, deputy director of the Gates Foundation Beijing Office, introduced the strategy of the Gates Foundation to support Chinese technology and products to developing countries, and hopes to work with China to contribute to the control of tropical diseases by China-Africa cooperation. Enterprise representatives from Yunnan, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hubei and other provinces introduced and exchanged antimalarial drugs, mosquito nets, insecticides and schistosomiasis treatment drugs, testing techniques, snail-killing drugs, and drone spraying techniques.

  Participants also held extensive discussions on Chinas strategic plan, implementation path and technical points for assisting schistosomiasis and malaria prevention and control in Africa. It is recommended to establish a government-led, divisional cooperation between enterprises, professional institutions and international institutions. The mechanism will promote Chinas experience, technology and products to gradually move toward Africa, give full play to its own advantages, integrate resources, optimize allocation, upgrade skills, and form a division of labor and cooperation pattern of coordinated development and complementary advantages, in order to improve the health of the Chinese and African people and show the responsibility and make contribute.

  More than 120 representatives from the National Health Commission, the China International Development Cooperation Agency, the State Drug Administration and its affiliates, the World Health Organization, the Bill Gates Foundation, international non-governmental organizations, and related domestic enterprises, universities and research institutes join this forum.