On March 25, 2017, the Symposium on the Research and Exchange of Parasitology in the Yangtze River Delta was held by Shanghai Parasitology Committee in Hangzhou. More than 30 experts attended the symposium from Jiangsu Province , Zhejiang Province and Shanghai City.
During March 18th to 19th , 2017, totally 84 testing items successfully passed through the on-site assessment for regular supervision and application in National Institute of Parasitic Disease(NIPD), China CDC.
On March 22, 2017, Shanghai Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in Shanghai Exhibition Hall, a grand recognition was given to the researchers who made outstanding contributions to the science and technology innovation in Shanghai in 2016 and...
On March 17, 2017, witnessed by Academician Zhu Chen, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China, and Academician Kaixian Chen, a total of 14 scientists from China, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong SAR, and Macau SAR executed a consensus document to ...
On February 8, 2017, Mr. Wang Hua, the Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Health and Family Planning Committee, and Dr. Zhou Xiaonong, the Director of NIPD, attended the see-off meeting for the experts group working on schistosomiasis control project in Zanzibar in Jiangsu Institute of Parasitic Diseases, and granted team flag to experts.
Medical Parasitology Branch of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, which affiliated at NIPD, was awarded as the outstanding branch of 2016, after a strict expert review. During the annual meeting of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association in Beijing on January 18 - 20, 2017, Dr. Zhou Xiaonong, the Director of the Medical Parasitology Branch and Director of NIPD, took over the award and reported...
On January 18, 2017, the Seminar on Babesia Detection by Blood Smear and the Babesia Nucleic Acid Identification Method was organized by NIPD. Over 20 experts, from the universities, research institutes, CDC, hospital and relating field in the country attended the seminar.
BEIJING, China | 31 December 2013 - The World Health Organization warmly welcomes the joint policy by the General Office of the Communist Party of China’s (CPC) Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on promoting smoke-free public places, issued on 29 December 2013, WHO Representative in China Dr Bernhard Schwartländer...