WHO Expert Consultation to Accelerate Elimination of Asian Schistosomiasis Took Place in Shanghai

    To accelerate elimination of Asian schistosomiasis in WPRO, the Expert Consultation to Accelerate Elimination of Asian schistosomiasis was taken place in Shanghai on 22-23May 2017. National Institute of Parasitic Disease (NIPD), Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC), as the WHO Collaborating Centre for Tropical Diseases, co-organized this workshop.
    The WHO neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) roadmap sets elimination of schistosomiasis in the Western Pacific Region by 2020 as one of the global moving from control to the elimination phase and verifying interruption of transmission of schistosomiasis. Encouraged by the progress but concerned with this situation, the aim of this workshop is to gather the experts to consult on accelerating elimination of Asian schistosomiasis.
    During the workshop, the experts reviewed the current endemicity of schistosomiasis and country experiences in control interventions, monitoring  and research for elimination of Asian schistosomiasis; discussed the goal, targets and process to verify elimination of Asian schistosomiasis; recommended strategic actions and enhanced monitoring framework, and estimate resource needs to accelerate elimination of Asian schistosomiasis; identified and discussed integration opportunities with other disease control and surveillance activities that will contribute to acceleration of the elimination of Asian schistosomiasis in the Western Pacific Region.

    A total of 40 experts from global, national and provincial level attended this workshop. Dr. Lei Zhenglong, Deputy Director-General of Department of Disease Control, National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) China, moderated the opening of the workshop. 


     (Global Health Center, NIPD)