Ongoing International Collaborating Projects

1 IDRC funded projects

There’re two IDRC supported projects ongoing in NIPD. The first one is titled “Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Control of Asian Schistosomiasis and Other Helminth Zoonoses” which led by NIPD and jointly participated by Philippine Institute of Tropical Diseases, Malaria Prevention and Treatment Center of Cambodia Ministry of Health, Department of Medicine, Khon Kaen University of Thailand, Institute of Public Health of Laos, Vietnam and Ecological Biological Resources Research Institute; for domestic partners, there are Institutes of Parasitic Diseases in Jiangsu, Yunnan, Guangdong. The researches mainly focused on the application of geospatial, social, and ecological principles to control the main parasitic diseases in Southeast Asia (schistosomiasis, clonorchiasis, hepatic fascioliasis, cysticercosis and etc).

The second one is the funds support to the special issue of NIPD based international journal《Infectious Diseases of Poverty》.


2 DFID funded GHSP projects

In 2013, 2 projects funded by the UK Department for International Development was successfully applied, which was the output 1- Research on Disease Prevention and Control in Global Health, and output 2- Centre of Excellence in Health Development Aid. The former aimed to distill, synthesize and disseminate China’s experiences and lessons learnt from long-term, multifaceted control program targeting malaria and schistosomiasis relevant to LMICs and to lay the foundation for the development of an expert team with global vision, and promote Chinese professionals and institutions to engage in global health. The entire project will be carried out in 3 levels and in 5 sub-topics of 34 activities, which includes: ① Distillation and synthesis of Chinese experiences on prevention and control of tropical diseases; ② Feasibility and applicability analysis of Chinese experiences in the control of tropical diseases in other LMICs; ③ Dissemination of Chinese experiences in control of tropical diseases. The latter project will be carried out through the bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the control of infectious diseases, so as to improve the capacity of Chinese government staff in understanding the principals and best practices in the field of health development aid so that they will be able to play an important role in health development aid and make more contribution to the global health network.

GHSP-OP4 project for the malaria control pilot in Tanzania will be kicked off in April of 2015.